TSN’s most successful contest gets more marketers in the game this year

Wendy's Kick for a Million increases its score on engagement front sevenfold.

Marketers are getting their prizes in on the Wendy’s Kick for a Million contest, TSN’s most successful contest and promotional campaign ever, drawing more than 1.5 million entries. It’s seven times the number of hopefuls attracted to any previous TSN contest or promotion. Last year’s contest drew 200,000 entries, and most of the prizes (other than the grand prize) were provided by Sony. The half-time show attracted 599,000 viewers and peaked at 829,000 during the big kick moment. This year’s winner will get the opportunity to attempt field goals (during half-time at the Oct. 20 Wendy’s CFL game) at different distances to win any combination of prizes along with the $1 million one-time payout. Prizes are substantially bigger and better this year, including: a $10,000 selloffvacations.com travel voucher (for 20 yards); a $15,000 Best Buy shopping spree (for 30 yards); and a 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche (for 40 yards).

A 43-year-old soccer enthusiast from Port Robinson, Ontario, IT support specialist Bill Szijarto, was announced the winner. Last year, the inaugural contest saw a man from Belle River, Ontario make the 50-yard goal, catapulting his name into headlines across North America. While last year’s contest stipulations did not allow the eventual winner to practice on his own time, Szijarto is permitted to practice leading up to the big event. Since being notified, Szijarto has purchased an official CFL football and is working to get his legs in game shape.