BBM Analytics bows latest RTS & hooks up with CBC’s MTM

BBM Analytics will market the Ceeb's annual survey of consumer attitudes toward new broadcast technologies, plus other valuable research.

BBM Analytics has become the sales and marketing partner for CBC/Radio Canada’s Media Technology Monitor and other such value-added research products. MTM is a comprehensive and authoritative annual study with a national sample of over 12,000 respondents and response rates exceeding 40%.

It provides reliable insights into a wide range of communication technologies, including: market share and satisfaction with cable, satellite, wireless, and IPTV; analogue subscribers’ intention to subscribe to digital television and reasons for not upgrading; incidence and use of on-demand video technologies, including VOD, PVRs, DVD Recorders, video streaming and watching video content on portable devices such as MP3 Players, cell phones and PSPs; HDTV set and receiver ownership, reasons for not having a HD receiver and future demand for HDTV; use of on-demand audio technologies, including satellite radio, Internet radio, music and podcast downloading and listening to audio content on portable devices such as MP3 Players and cellphones; broadband incidence, reasons for not upgrading to broadband and future demand for broadband Incidence of ‘bundled’ communication services; home computer networks and incidence and demand for VOIP.

Additionally, RTS Canada’s semi-annual peek into the noggins of 64,000 respondents reveals some surprises and a few duh’s. Conducted on behalf of BBM Analytics, these surveys are among the largest ongoing consumer studies of Canadians. Among other insights this time around:

* 80% of working Canadians commute by car compared to only 20% using public transit

* Among those Canadians who commute to work by car, 82% are usually alone in the car while traveling

* 3% of Canadians have used on-line dating services in the past year, a usage level that’s remained steady over the past 3 years

* 15% of Canadians have purchased organic food in the past 7 days. Canadians in BC are 1.5 times more likely to have purchased organic food.

* 19% of the consumers shopping La Senza in the past year were men

* Only 13% of Canadians agree or strongly agree that a person’s career should be their first priority, compared to 68% of Canadians who agree or strongly agree that family life and having children is most important

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