FashionTelevision launches 5-channel VOD player

FT just became the most accessible fashion brand in the world.

FashionTelevision has begun the first phase of a massive re-launch of, dividing the site into a five-broadband-channel portal. The website now features long form web-exclusive video content, episodes from FT-FashionTelevision, and portable podcasts available for fashionistas on the go.

The five Channels – Models, Designers, Photography, World of Design and News – feature ever-expanding exclusive video catalogues. Developments to come include more behind-the-scenes features, blogs, newsletters and photo galleries.

CHUM Television VP content business development Maria Hale says advertising for the site will be available to all of the current broadcast clients in the form of 10-second video ads with simultaneous banner ads, although the frequency of the video ads may be ‘capped’ to maximize the users’ experience. ‘We’re working on frequency, on how often those ads would be displayed, based on how many times a particular user is accessing pieces of content,’ says Hale. ‘In other words, we’re capping it, so that if the user is looking at 15 different pieces of content they’re not getting 15 diff ads.’

The creation of the video component on was executed by New York-based online video solutions provider The FeedRoom.