Greasy mess to teach healthy lesson

Thanks to some pictures that really are worth a thousand words, healthy cooking advice will be imparted in a trio of magazines.

An innovative two-page ad for PAM cooking spray – dreamed up at Toronto’s Leo Burnett shop – will play an educational role in Canadian Living, Homemakers and Canadian Home and Country. The greasy mess depicted will impart healthy advice beginning with the publications’ December issues, which are hitting newsstands now, and resume for one additional issue in March (in Canadian Living) and April (in Homemakers).

The initiative arose out of research indicating that consumers often have a tough time controlling how much oil they’re using, Jason Quehl, brand manager at Mississauga, Ont.-based ConAgra Foods Canada, tells MiC. The creative makes the point that a one-second spray of PAM is an ideal solution to that dilemma, and a healthier choice than other oils. The left side of the first page shows a plate of food cooked using PAM, while the right side shows the same meal cooked with vegetable oil. When the reader turns the page, the oil from the second plate appears to have leaked through, making a mess on the editorial text.

Starcom Mediavest handled both the print ads and a companion TV commercial that will air on Bravo, Global, CTV, the Food Network, Star! and CH. The spots communicate the same controlled-portion and health messages as the print version.