Broadband in Canada growing twice as fast as in US

The keynote speaker at Toronto's 'Now Playing' seminar on online advertising aims to ease the fears that some media buyers still have about the digital world of options, a world where's own video player has seen a 400% growth in usage over the past three months.

Canadian Internet usage is growing twice as fast as it is in America, and marketers and advertisers need to get beyond the intimidation and fear that the changing digital world still ignites in some. This was one of the messages delivered by AOL Media Networks EVP sales and partnership alliances Kathy Kayse, who travelled to Toronto for a Nov. 7 breakfast seminar with 115 marketers, advertisers and media buyers, held by AOL Canada, and

In a keynote address aimed at inspiring media buyers to get their clients in on more online opportunities, Kayse began by citing an October 2006 Ipsos Reid survey that asked marketers and agencies what is needed in order to put more of their budgets into digital media. The survey found 32% of agencies say clients need to accept and understand digital media, while 22% of marketers say they need to know more about tools and methods. ‘There’s a discomfort, a fear, a feeling of being intimidated by this space, and if anyone feels intimidated or fearful, join the crowd – it’s really the masses right now,’ says Kayse says. ‘But marketers are moving into this space at a speed that I think will definitely give us all great opportunities to bring more creative solutions to our clients moving forward.’

Drawing on Nov. 2006 stats from Canada Online eMarketer and Sept. 2006 data from comScore MediaMetrix, Kayse presented a tempting snapshot of Internet usage in Canada showing ‘a very impressive growth pattern.’

By the end of 2006, 59% of Canadian households will use a broadband connection, compared to 44% in the US. By 2010, about 65% of Canadians (and 66% of Amercians) will be using broadband. The average Canadian spends 90 minutes online in a day, compared to 83 minutes for the average American. Canadians also register higher for specific uses of broadband Internet service, such as email (98% Can.; 96% US), music downloads (23% Can.; 12% US), online video (28% Can.; 25% US), movie downloads (7% Can.; 3% US), and playing games (42% Can.; 36% US). About 6.5 million unique Canadian visitors are accessing online radio on a monthly basis, with almost one third of them doing it at work. Those visitors are using it up to 3.5 times per month for an average of 15 minutes at a time.