MiC’s K-I-S-S Pick: bank proves it’s really there for ‘that rainy day’

When a downpour hit Montreal yesterday, Caisses Desjardins was poised to offer commuters shelter, thanks to a symbolically resonant campaign concocted by the city's NEWAD shop.

When a cloudburst hit Montreal yesterday, a team of brand ambassadors rushed to the exit of the Jean-Talon Metro station to pass out 150 white umbrellas branded with the Caisses Desjardins logo – and to deliver the message: ‘This is not a promotion. It’s Desjardins giving back to you.’

But that timely gesture was only the latest in a series of refreshingly simple good deeds done on the bank’s behalf over the past few weeks. All dreamed up by Montreal’s NEWAD Groupe Paradox Communication and Réservoir, these have included carrying grocery bags, advising on bus schedules, helping people cross the street, and opening heavy doors.

The initiatives are meant to symbolize Caisses Desjardins’ commitment to giving back to the citizens who’ve made it rich over the past century – a message underscored by the distribution of postcards to inform people about how the bank is ear-marking some of its profits to support local events and causes.