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New series kicks off Diet D-Day

Diet and health product marketers, take note. Your wares might just end up under the microscope when W Network declares Jan. 1st 'Diet D-Day.' For the rest of you - if women are your target, take notes.

W Network is putting a microscope on everything from diet books to treadmills and bottled water on New Year’s Day. The programming marathon – dubbed Diet D-Day – kicks off with the Canadian premiere of a relevant British series.

Turn Back Your Body Clock features a straight-talking surgeon who advises people with bad health habits on how to do just what the show’s title suggests. All eight episodes of the series will air back-to-back, starting at 8 am on Monday, Jan. 1 before it fills a regular 8 pm timeslot (with 11 pm repeats), beginning Monday, Jan. 8.

The diet series kick-starts a 15-hour New Year’s Day marathon of health and body-consciousness-related programming on the net. At noon, The Shopping Bags Diet Special focuses on 23 dieters following 23 different bestselling diet books. They also step out with the latest pedometers, rate the healthiest (and tastiest) energy bars. At 1 pm, W offers up the You Are What You Eat Detox Special. At 2:30 pm, The Shopping Bags Health Special will explore all there is to know about treadmills, bottled water and detox kits. At 3 pm, a six-part documentary features Fat Families competing to see who can lose the most weight.

W Network continues the theme with a 9 pm airing of Bridget Jones’s Diary and a Fat Actress marathon, starting at 11 pm, featuring Kirstie Alley’s struggle to lose weight and win back her Hollywood career. W Network averages about 10 million viewers a month.