Luxury car company offering … elephant rides?

Lexus is playing the 'what's in it for me' card like a Vegas pro with personalized ads, not to mention coupons for such extravagant rewards as elephant rides in Thailand and bungee jumping in New Zealand.

Lexus is stepping up its ‘Moments’ concept a nifty notch with a new print campaign that references memorable moments in life that really matter – such as swimming with dolphins and learning to fly. And to give that caring concept a bit more oomph, the magazine executions that are rolling out now in Maclean’s, Canadian Business and Toronto Life have been personalized with subscribers’ names inserted in the ads. Example: ‘Is it possible for a luxury car company to tailor their experience to your every need? Yes it is, Ms. Whomever, yes it is.’

‘It’s all about the individual experience with Lexus,’ explains Glen Hunt, creative catalyst at Toronto-based Dentsu Canada. And so are several coupon executions – including offers of free elephant rides in Thailand and bungee jumping in New Zealand – which are strictly legit. ‘[Dentsu account exec] Kathryn Long made sure all the deals were in place,’ says Hunt. ‘We created a partnership with the actual experiences and the coupons are 100% valid.’ He adds that a honeymooning couple has already confirmed plans to redeem their free elephant ride in Thailand.

The campaign also includes 10 different full-page newspaper executions running in the Globe and Mail, as well as a special ad for the paper Investor’s Guide that includes a hand-wipe to remove unsightly ink stains. ‘It shows that Lexus anticipates your needs,’ Hunt explains.

Media planning was handled by Dentsu’s David Cairns, director, communications planning, Mark Wyeth, communications manager, and Sherryl Woodward, communications coordinator.