Canadians responsive to Internet advertising – BBM Media Snapshot

How effective are online ads? It says a lot that 1.1 million Canadian Internet users - 6% of the total population - clicked on at least one cyber ad during the past seven days.

Here’s a lot of other info BBM RTS determined regarding Canadian attitudes toward, and use of, Internet advertising.

* Those who clicked on an Internet ad in the last 7 days are 40% more likely to be in the 25 to 34 age group and, on average, are 30% less likely to be aged 12 to 17.

* Ad clicking is most common in Atlantic Canada, where Internet users are 30% more likely than average Canadians to click on an Internet ad.

* Internet ad clickers are twice as likely to read Canadian Business or Sports Illustrated than average Canadians.

* When Internet ad clickers shop online, their favourite cyber retailers are Internet computer stores (14%), Internet department stores (10%) and Internet CD stores (10%).

* Internet ad clickers spend more on cellular phones each month, with $56 average monthly bills compared to $47 average monthly bills for Canadians in general.

* Internet ad clickers listened to radio broadcasts over the Internet via streaming audio twice as often in the last 7 days as average Canadians.

* The top 3 media by yesterday exposure for Internet ad clickers are Internet (92%), TV (87%) and radio (85%).

* Looking at weekly radio reach, the top three formats for Internet ad clickers are News/Talk (39%), Adult Contemporary (26%), and Hot Adult Contemporary (20%).

* The top three television program types watched in an average week by this group are News/Current Affairs programs (66%), Movies (64%) and Documentaries (48%).

Source: BBM RTS Canada, Fall ’06, Individuals 12+. The preceding information is from BBM RTS, a syndicated consumer-media survey of over 60,000 Canadians, conducted twice a year by BBM Analytics. For more information, contact Craig Dorning of BBM Analytics: