Posting ads on AOL Radio reaches Canadians at work

Advertisers can now fine-tune their audience with commercial-free radio, thanks to the newly launched AOL Radio (, a no-charge music service featuring 170 different stations.

Although there are no ads within AOL Radio’s programming, last week it became possible for advertisers to place banner ads on the player. Users can see then when selecting a new station, checking the name of a song that’s playing, or looking for what’s coming up next.

Banner ads are rotated with every song change, and there are different ad zones for different genres. So advertisers can target specific demos via banner ads on Alternative and Rock stations for younger audiences or the Elvis Rocks and Sinatra Style stations to target an older demo.

Currently attracting 726,000 unique visitors per month on its main site, AOL expects its new radio service to be a big hit with working Canadians – an optimistic view that was bolstered by a survey it conducted last month with Leger Marketing. Some of the findings:

* 74% of working Canadians listen to music on the job for an average of four hours a day.

* 90% say music makes their day more enjoyable, and 79% feel that music helps them be more productive.

* 68% of respondents say it’s important that the online radio station they listen to be cost-free, while 60% want to listen to a station that is commercial-free.

* For working Canadians, classical (25%), country (22%), rock & roll (24%) and pop music (20%) top the list of enjoyable music they feel makes them more productive.