Rent-A-Goalie ordered for second runs

Canadian content - at least on the comedy side - is not dead. Even apart from CTV's hit Corner Gas series, which is soon to go international, try zooming in on Showcase. The net's original comedy series Rent-A-Goalie completed its first season amid heaps of praise, and now product placements for year two abound.

Rent-A-Goalie hit the right chord with Canadian viewers when it premiered on Oct. 1, and Alliance Atlantis has put in an order for a second season, scheduling it for Fall 2007.

This is good news for marketers seeking product placement opps, as the first season featured the likes of Coca-Cola’s PowerAde, Purolator and Humpty Dumpty. Production on season two begins in Toronto in late January 2007. In the meantime, Showcase is currently rerunning the whole first season in the 9:30 pm ET/PT time slot on Sundays, with episode repeats filling the same slot on Tuesdays.

Showcase VP content Tara Ellis says the second run of the first season is bound to ‘gain new loyal fans.’ She says hockey celebs have expressed interest in appearing in season two, just as the eight-episode first season guest-starred Phil Esposito, Dave ‘Tiger’ Williams and Darryl Sittler.

Series creator Christopher Bolton plays a hockey-crazed recovered-from-everything go-to guy who supplies goalies to local hockey teams while trying to live by ‘The Code,’ an ever-evolving set of personal ethics, spiritual maxims and credos that keep him on the straight and narrow. Bolton is an executive producer, while the show is a Georgian/RAG-TV Production.