Air Transat flies kids – and press -
northward to search for Santa

It may be more blessed to give than to receive, but there's nothing wrong with accomplishing both, as Air Transat is doing by inviting not only children but also reporters to board an Airbus tomorrow afternoon and head to the North Pole.

On behalf of its client, Air Transat, Cossette Montreal has concocted a nice seasonal win-win. Tomorrow afternoon, an A310 Airbus will take off from Trudeau International and head toward the North Pole to track Santa Claus right to his wintry workshop.

Aboard will be not only dozens of seriously ill children and Children’s Wish Foundation organizers, but also as many reps from the news media as respond to the open invitation. There’s a 100% chance that the red-coated target will be found after the 90-minute flight, and a bevy of gifts and ho-ho-ho’s exchanged. It’s bound to be an adventure for the kids, an away-from-the-desk freebie for the reporters, and a nice payoff for the brand when the resulting slew of touching stories hits print and broadcast venues.