Baking cakes with blow torches

The Food Network is packaging ultimate cake creations with a host who claims to be part rocker, part graffiti artist and all baker in Ace of Cakes, one of the net's notable New Year premieres.

Ace of Cakes hits the Food Network’s Friday 10 pm time slot with Duff Goldman, owner of Baltimore-based Charm City Cakes, starting on Jan. 5. The program shows Goldman and his team of baking talents spending 20 to 100 hours to create the most extreme and intricately-designed cakes for weddings, graduations, birthdays and other special events. They use everything from power saws to blow torches, shaping their sweets into detailed likenesses of tequila bottles, hats, and a German Shepherd.

The series comes from the US. Marketers will be smiling at the first few episodes. Some of the cakes in the Jan. 5 premiere (which repeats on Saturday, Jan. 6 at 4 pm ET) give a nod or two to brands such as Jeep and X-box.