TSN Broadband gets a full roster

Off The Record, SportsCentre, Insider - it's all there. It's not quite surprising, but it is now official. TSN has launched the first fully-programmed broadband sports channel, and the net's packed its player with features that give the user control.

TSN Broadband is now offering a full slate of programming using a player consistent in style with other fare from the broadband network of Bell Globemedia (BGM will be re-monikered CTVglobemedia on Jan. 1). Launched yesterday, the all-sports VOD platform currently hosts banner appearances by the mobile pushing Bell beaver, while Intel and Dell are occupying the prime placements at TSN.ca. Pre-roll video ad opps, anyone?

TSN Broadband gives viewers the ability to browse all programs, create and customize their own video play-lists, share content with friends and watch everything in full-screen mode. Live coverage from various TSN broadcasts, starting with the Boxing Day kick-off of the 2007 IIHF World Junior Championship, will also be integrated into the ad-supported platform.