Christmas as a brand – sorely in need of refreshing?

If you think about it, Christmas is actually one of the oldest brands. Edmonton-based ad agency Red Communications did think about it, and came up with some amusing ideas for refreshing the aging brand, especially to appeal to tech-savvy youths.

A tongue-in-cheek brand book, X to the Mass, was the droll but dead-ringer result of the thinking at Edmonton’s Red Communications ad agency after they hit on the concept of rebranding Christmas and all its trappings. Targeting the MySpace Generation of youth 13-18, the pretend brand book has a proper logo, revised corporate colours and even updates for holiday attire.

The Red team also gave the heave-ho to three leading elements of Christmas celebrations – turkey dinner, greeting cards and lawn displays. In their place – at least virtually on Red’s site – are a branded packaged meal served in front of webcams, text messaging and large logos. Having concocted all that, the agency elves went the obligatory final step these days by posting a spot on MySpace. It can be downloaded from The entire Christmas Inc. content is available at