Top five gets a shake-up, but CSI holds on
BBM/Nielsen Top 30 – Jan. 29-Feb. 4, 2007

Global's got two in the Top 5 with Super Bowl Sunday's game and the game show that followed. But CTV's CSI still has the highest numbers for a series, followed by the juggernaut, American Idol. There's a healthy audience tuning in for CTV Evening News...

Here are the revised national winners according to BBM/Nielsen – Jan. 29-Feb. 4.

Monday: CTV Evening News (#10) won the night with 1.794 million viewers at 6 pm, while the 10 pm time slot went to the net’s CSI: Miami (#12). Global’s Prison Break (#11) beat CTV’s Corner Gas (#13) again in the 8 pm time slot. Global’s Heroes (#17) won the 9 pm time slot with an audience of 1.553 million. Global’s 24 (#30) came in last, with slightly more than a million viewers at 10 pm.

Tuesday: CTV’s American Idol stayed at third place on the Top 30 with 3.199 million viewers in the 8 pm time slot. Global’s closest contender for those numbers was House (#6), which pulled in 2.776 million to steal the 9 pm time slot. CTV took the 10 pm time slot with Law and Order: SVU (#20), clocking 1.42 million.

Wednesday: CTV’s American Idol (#4) took Wednesday night’s 9 pm time slot with 2.894 million viewers. The net’s CSI: New York (#9) measured 1.836 million, winning the 10 pm time slot. Global’s Bones (#19) won at 8 pm with 1.490 million, and the closest rival for that time slot was CBC with an average 1.131 million viewers watching Little Mosque on the Prairie (#25).

Thursday: Thursday’s 9 pm time slot may as well be renamed CSI (#1), which measured 3,667,000 viewers. CTV’s also won the 8 pm time slot with Grey’s Anatomy (#7), which earned 2.193 viewers. At 10 pm, the most viewers tuned in to the net’s ER, which attracted 1.9 million, and Global’s closest contender for that period was Shark (#23), which got 1.178 million.

Friday: CTV Evening News (#10) won the top Friday night audience at 6 pm, with 1.1794 million. At 8 pm, the net’s Ghost Whisperer (#18) took the time slot with 1.534 million. At 9 pm, Law and Order (#26) won for CTV with slightly more than a million. CTV’s Law & Order (#15) took the 10 pm time slot with 1.591 million viewers, although Global’s Numb3Rs (#27) raked in 1,090,000 in that period.

Saturday: CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada (#16) earned the highest audiences, airing from 7 pm to 10 pm. The net’s numbers measured 1.582 million viewers.

Sunday: And the Super Bowl (#2). At 6 pm, Global took over primetime with an average 3.626 million viewers. The net’s Canadian edition of Deal or No Deal (#5), after the Super Bowl, came second with 2.871 million viewers staying around after the game. CTV’s closest contender was Criminal Minds (#14), with 1.606 million at 10 pm.

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