Elevators getting TV makeover in Quebec

Awkward elevator conversations are now avoidable thanks to high-def screens that will be pumping CTV news into the lifts of Montreal office towers.

Gone are the days of quiet elevator Phil Collins muzak. CTV Montreal and Montreal-based Power Medias recently announced a partnership that will bring more news programming and advertising to seven office tower elevators in the city.

Power Medias, which will handle ad sales for the network, is installing 15-inch HD screens in the elevators of Montreal’s major skyscrapers. The installations are expected to be complete by April. CTV Montreal will provide anglophone news and programming to the Power High Definition Office Tower Elevator Network. Francophone content will be provided by another network. Power Medias marketing and sales director Sammy Atsaidis says the network should provide advertisers with an estimated 70,000 weekly impressions (for all seven buildings).

In 2005, Power Medias led the way for innovative new advertising venues in Quebec, installing LCD ad screens in paper dispensers, hand dryers and stand-alone units installed in public bathrooms.