Glam new show on Travel + Escape is out of this world

Premiering this month, Planet Luxury is set to mix the world's finest high-end products with exotic travel. From a diamond-encrusted perfume bottle to speedboats that can zoom at 350 km/h, the net's latest offering shows how the luxury items are made, why they cost so much and who buys them.

Millionaires buy cars that often cost about the same amount as a house does for the rest of us. And that’s the kind of life Planet Luxury explores in exotic locations around the world. Premiering on CTV’s Travel + Escape on Feb. 19 in the 8:30 pm ET time slot, the five-ep run will examine some of the finest luxury items the world has to offer, aimed at the richest of the rich.

Extravagant cars, lavish perfumes – Planet Luxury will explore why these products cost so much, who’s snapping them up, and how things like a $1.2 million Blancpain 1735 wristwatch is made.