Alliance Atlantis starts streaming strategy

Alliance Atlantis is starting to implement the broadband-first strategy across its channels. It's already started with Showcase, and others will follow.

Showcase is putting a broadband premiere strategy into play as a way of building buzz about upcoming shows. For the first time, the Alliance Atlantis-owned specialty net started streaming a pilot episode one week in advance of its on-air start date. Marketers are being offered the opportunity to insert pre-roll ads into the shows.

The premiere of Lovespring International, a satire about the people who work for a dating service (from executive producer Eric McCormack, Will & Grace) airs in the Wednesday 10 pm time slot. Alliance Atlantis will be employing the streaming strategy for future premieres on Showcase and other specialty channels, although specific titles were not available at press time.

The streaming episodes can be viewed at Click here for MiC‘s Jan. 22 story about Lovespring International.