New emo research tool says eyes don’t lie

'Saccadic' may well be the next big buzz word thanks to a new way of measuring emotional reaction to visual stimuli.

Tenafly, New Jersey-based PreTesting is claiming its research tool ‘e-Motion’ will revolutionize marketing. The company’s new technology analyzes consumers’ response to ads by measuring the vibrations in their eyeballs.

The company’s patent-pending testing system is considered a better, more unfiltered research methodology than traditional verbal responses by some researchers. PreTesting’s ‘e-Motion’ technology measures the intensity of emotional connectedness a person feels when viewing TV commercials or websites.

Human eyes are in constant vibration and the speed at which they vibrate indicates the degree of engagement. When the brain is eager for more information, eyeballs vibrate faster and more intensely – a phenomenon known as saccadic. PreTesting technology measures eye activity.

PreTesting says the payoff for brands will be enormous. Companies can quickly measure which advertising excites eyeballs and which doesn’t before major production expenses are incurred.