Kleenex users invited to personalize their own boxes

Kicking product personalization up a notch, Kimberly-Clark is enabling consumers to design and order one-of-a-kind boxes. Canadians will be able to get in on the action soon.

Talk about concocting new wrinkles for a mature product, not to mention deepening brand loyalty. Kleenex just launched a new website that will enable customers to create personalized designs on the brand’s oval tissue boxes.

Customers are invited to send in their family photos or special messages that will be imprinted on the boxes. There are no restrictions on quantities, and orders will be processed in about a week. Now online in the States, the initiative will likely be extended to Canada within the next two months. Other countries will follow later.

To kick-start consumer creativity, Neenah, Wisconsin-HQ’d Kimberly-Clark is providing online options for colours and backgrounds, as well as some practical suggestions. These include designing birth announcement boxes, gifting grandparents with cartons festooned with children’s crayon masterpieces, celebrating memorable vacations, and plastering bride-and-groom photos on boxes as a unique thank you gesture to wedding guests.