Calgary takes Corner Gas over Barbara Walters
BBM/Nielsen Top 30 – Feb. 19-25, 2007

No doubt that the Oscars shook up the country. Take a closer look, though, and you'll see that Calgary likes Corner Gas more than Barbara Walters' Oscar special. And, in Calgary, more people watched hockey on CBC than CTV's American Idol...

Here are the national winners (for all persons 2+) according to BBM/Nielsen – Feb. 19-25.

Monday: Global’s Prison Break earned a healthy 1.339 million viewers on average for the 8 pm time slot, but it couldn’t beat CTV’s Corner Gas which raked in 1.478 million. In the 9 pm time slot, Global’s 24 took the crown with 1.530 million as CTV’s Law & Order: CI came up shorter with 1.362 million. At 10 pm, CTV took control again with a 2.586 million average for CSI: Miami.

Tuesday: CTV’s American Idol lost a little more steam but still kept the 8 pm time slot with 2.521 million (down from 2.882 million one week earlier and 3.153 million the week before that). Global’s House won the 9 pm time slot with 1.379 million, almost half the audience it achieved the previous week. CTV took the 10 pm time slot with Law & Order: SVU, which raked in 1.786 million viewers, down from 1.877 million the previous week’s national Top 30.

Wednesday: American Idol on CTV took the 8 pm time slot with 2.533 million viewers, a slight gain from 2.460 million the previous week. CTV’s Lost got 1.066 million in the 7 pm time slot. The net’s CSI: New York won the 10 pm time slot with another falling average – 2.517 million, compared to 2.639 million viewers the previous week (and 3.3 million the week before that).

Thursday: The prime time battle for the 9 pm time slot crowned CSI, the reigning champ, with an average 2.829 million viewers, the highest numbers of the night (but a loss of almost half a million from the previous week’s charts). Global’s Deal or No Deal clocked 1.602 million in a 9 pm fight for viewers. The night’s second highest numbers, a nearly consistent 2.180 million average, went to CTV’s Grey’s Anatomy in the 7 pm time slot. Global’s Survivor: Fiji won the 8 pm time slot with 2.018 million viewers against CTV’s American Idol Special, which clocked a close 1.902 million. The Thursday 10 pm fight saw CTV win 1.743 million viewers with ER as Global’s Shark, which got 1.053 million. Both ER and Shark‘s numbers were down by about 200,000 compared to the previous week’s Top 30.

Friday: CTV’s Ghost Whisperer got the highest Friday night numbers again with 1.653 million viewers in the 8 pm time slot, up from 1.547 million the previous week. CTV’s Law & Order audience stayed consistent with 1.412 million viewers in the 10 pm time slot. And the 9 pm time slot, making CTV a clean winner for the night, went to Close to Home, which got about 975,000 viewers on average.

Saturday: CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada won the night again but lost steam from the previous week’s average. For the week ending Feb. 25, the game got an average of 1.321 million viewers. That’s down from 1.708 million the previous week, which had capped off several consecutive gains.

OSCAR NIGHT!!! (Ahem, Sunday): CTV’s Academy Awards, between 8:30 pm and 12:19 a.m., clocked an average of 4.895 million. The chart’s number two spot goes to Road to the Oscars, which averaged 3.198 million in the 8 pm lead-in time slot. And the Barbara Walters Oscar special, in the 7 pm time slot, averaged 2.217 million viewers.

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