Mini’s men’s room efforts marry metrics & interactivity

'On your mark, get set, go' is taking on a whole new meaning thanks to Taxi 2's cheeky new campaign launch for the R56. The messaging on video boards mounted above urinals challenges users to compare their, uh ... speediness with that of the new vehicle.

From this week until the end of April, Montreal-HQ’d Mini Canada will run a campaign designed to spark conversation about its new R56 model in men’s washrooms across the country.

Developed by Taxi 2 in partnership with Montreal’s NEWAD and TMC/MBS agencies, video boards mounted above urinals – plus a motion-activated chronometer – invite users to compare the speed with which they complete their task with the speediness of the new Mini R56.

Targeting active males 25-49, the ads are being installed in health and fitness centres in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Oshawa, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.