CTV launches interactive Criminal Minds spin-off

The net's dropping clues around its website and wants users to make an arrest worth ten large. Nifty way to promo a new time slot.

CTV is launching an interactive online game to accompany its Criminal Minds broadcasts, and the four-week investigation contest ends with a $10,000 grand prize. Criminal Minds: The Usual Suspects launches at CTV.ca on April 8, the same day the series moves to the net’s Sunday 10 pm ET time slot.

Created for CTV by Mischief Media (www.mischiefmedia.ca), the game allows players to participate in an investigation, building a profile of a criminal. Players gather information from the show’s behavioural analysis unit reports, which will be hidden in banners throughout CTV.ca. If a player feels they have enough information, they can accuse a suspect and make an arrest – and if they’re right, they’ll be entered in a random draw for the grand prize.

The move to Sunday’s 10 pm time slot will give Criminal Minds lead-in weight from The Amazing Race (8 pm ET) and Desperate Housewives (9 pm ET). Click here for Thursday and Sunday on MiC‘s last BBM/Nielsen Top 30 report.