New owner for MiC‘s parent company

Brunico exec publisher Jim Shenkman has sold the company he founded over two decades ago to a group of private investors led by Russell Goldstein.

The assets of Brunico Communications Inc. were acquired today by a group of private investors led by Russell Goldstein, who will serve as the president/CEO of the new company, Brunico Communications Ltd. Jim Shenkman, Brunico’s founder and executive publisher, will continue in a full-time capacity as chairman and a member of the senior management team.

‘What excites me about Brunico are the international scope of operations, the strength and quality of the brands within the entertainment and marketing sectors, and most of all, the reputation and talent of the team that I’ll be working alongside,’ says Goldstein.

Shenkman’s focus will be to provide continuity in the operations of the business. ‘My new role, as chairman, is to ensure a smooth transition of leadership to Russell,’ he said. ‘I’ve agreed to stay on full-time for a year and then play an advisory role thereafter. I will also continue to be a member of the senior management team, help Russell manage and learn the business, participate and contribute to the evolution of our print, digital and event strategies.’

Based in Toronto, Brunico is a leading business-to-business media company focused on developing communities of interest within niche markets of the entertainment and marketing sectors. Through its print and electronic publications and industry events, the company facilitates business in its markets by providing access to news, critical information, thought-provoking ideas and industry decision-makers.

Brunico Communications Ltd. will continue to focus on expanding the reach and influence of all of its brands including Strategy, Media In Canada, Playback, KidScreen, Realscreen and ‘Boards.

Goldstein is a senior marketing manager with over 10 years of professional experience. He has a proven track record of creating value for companies by leveraging his skills in marketing, technology and content publishing. For the past four years, Russell worked at Digital Cement helping to develop industry-leading CRM marketing programs for brands such as Kraft Foods, Dell, and FedEx. Prior to Digital Cement, he also worked at Rogers Cablesystems, where he was responsible for planning and launching new broadband services.