Cascade puts green thumb on Canadian Living

Transcontinental Media is putting the green stamp of approval on two of its womens' mags. It's a small prize but a great big cause.

Canadian Living and Coup de Pouce are tying spring issue content to the 30-day Green Challenge, a change-your-life-for-the-better contest that gives readers the chance to win an ‘eco-leather bag’ from Roots. The prize ain’t exactly a brand new hybrid car, but it’s already got 13,000 Canadians signed up.

Sponsored by Cascades (bathroom tissue and paper towels), the challenge aims to drive readers to or to sign up for daily green living email tips, which in turn aim to get them discussing environmental issues with other readers.

The magazines’ April editions are backing up the challenge with info on switching to energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances and putting plants around the house. April also marks Canadian Living‘s move into printing with Ancient Forest Friendly recycled paper, while Coup de Pouce is assigning green logos to its consumer product reviews to signify, well, that it meets the mag’s standards for being enviro-friendly.

Transcontinental’s womens’ magazines reach about 6.5 million Canadians monthly.