Nelly, oh Nelly – what have you done?
BBM/Nielsen Top 30 – March 26-April 1, 2007

One thing Nelly Furtado and this year's JUNO Awards did not do was earn a spot on these charts. More people watched CBC's Sunday night movie.

Here are the national winners (for all persons 2+, all times ET) according to BBM/Nielsen – March 26-April 1, 2007.

Monday: CTV’s Dancing with the Stars won the night’s top numbers, attracting an average 1.699 million viewers from 8 pm to 10 pm (down from 1.861 million on the previous week’s chart). It was a strong lead-in for the net’s 10 pm episode of CSI: Miami, which raked in 1.674 million for the 10 pm time slot (down from 2.469 million). Global kept its hold on the Monday 9 pm block with 24‘s 1.579 million average (a gain of more than a quarter million). Global’s Prison Break at 8 pm got 1.272 million (down from 1.426 million).

Tuesday: CTV’s American Idol at 8 pm won the night and second place on the Top 30 with 2.665 million viewers (down from 2.702 million the previous week and 2.742 million the week prior). Global got 1.973 million with House in the 9 pm slot (a significant boost from its previous average of 1.399 million). House gave Global a win over CTV’s Dancing with the Stars, which earned 1.574 million. CTV’s Law & Order: SVU at 10 pm nabbed 1.717 million (up from 1.505 million).

Wednesday: CTV’s American Idol won the mid-week battle with 2.305 million viewers in the 9 pm slot (up from 2.279 million) against Global’s Crossing Jordan, which earned 950,000 viewers against the juggernaut (up from 868,000). CSI: New York at 10 pm delivered a solid 1.887 million to CTV (down from 2.211 million). Global came out on top for the 8 pm slot, earning 1.193 million viewers with Bones against CTV’s Lost, which attracted 1.089 million (down from 1.118 million the previous week and 1.206 million one week earlier).

Thursday: CTV’s CSI is back at the top with 3.081 million viewers in the 9 pm space (up from 1.283 million on the previous chart). The net’s 8 pm CSI lead-in got 1.102 million, but Global won that period with a 2.198 million average for Survivor: Fiji (up from 2.07 million on the previous week’s Wednesday night). Global’s Shark, with a 1.09 million average, won over CTV’s Criminal Minds, which earned 1.078 (down from 1.323 million on the last chart and 1.64 million one week earlier).

Friday: CTV’s Law & Order at 10 pm raked in the night’s highest numbers with an average 1.448 million viewers (up from 1.076 million) against Global’s Numb3rs, which got 961,000. Ghost Whisperer gave CTV the 8 pm slot with 1.215 million viewers, and the net won 9 pm with a 1.063 average for Close to Home.

Saturday: Hockey Night in Canada on CBC was the only Top 30 winner for Saturday night. Game One, airing 7-9:59 pm, earned 1.527 million viewers (up from 1.448 million). Game Two, airing 9:59 pm-12:58 am, stayed strong with 1.014 million.

Sunday: This is the night that the Juno Awards on CTV failed to make the Top 30. JUNOs aside, CTV’s Amazing Race won the last night on the charts with 1.044 million viewers in the 9 pm slot (down from a previous average of 1.958 million). Global’s Family Guy at 9 pm earned 926,000 viewers (down from 1.06 million). At 8 pm, Global’s Simpsons earned 983,000 viewers (down from 1.14 million). CBC’s Sunday night Marple movie, At Bertram’s Hotel, airing 8-10 pm, attracted a 1.025 million average.

As reported in Playback Daily: The Juno Awards failed to find an audience on par with last year’s show, despite a hefty marketing push and big-name host Nelly Furtado. The awards drew in 912,000 viewers to CTV, compared to the 1.7 million reported by the network and by BBM in 2006. The exact ratings for last year’s show are debatable, however, because BBM’s numbers differed considerably from those of its then-competitor Nielsen, which put the audience for the 2006 Junos at 1.2 million. The difference works out to a drop in ratings somewhere between 25% and 46%.

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