Millions like Minnie Driver as a con artist

Showcase has two promising premieres scheduled for May, one of which has already earned a sizable audience south of the border.

Minnie Driver always had that innocent look, don’t you think? Well, there’s something about Showcase that just seems to make that sort of look disappear.

The Riches, premiering Wednesday at 10 pm on May 9, puts Driver and English comic Eddie Izzard into family roles. But it’s a family of traveling con artists trying to pass as a normal, upscale troupe. The 13-episode series earned favourable reviews when it premiered on FX Networks in the US last month, and viewers liked it too. The show shot immediately up the list to become the net’s second-highest-rated series, earning 2.5 million viewers 18-49 (3.8 million total) in the 10 pm time slot.

A second spring offering, the love-sex-and-jokes BBC sketch comedy Swinging, comes to Canada on Showcase on Thursday at 10:30 pm, starting May 31. The show’s recurring characters are a prudish sex therapist, a predatory female art teacher, and a snobbish lawyer smitten with a dirtbag boyfriend. There are 15 half-hour episodes in the first season. Britain’s Five Network is currently running the show’s second season.