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W Network puts the ‘dirty’ into dance TV

Move over Dancing with the Stars, take a seat So You Think You Can Dance - W Network's getting into the programming craze for the choreographically-inclined.

W Network is premiering Dirty Dancing: Living the Dream in the 7 pm time slot on Sunday, May 13. The sexy new dance competition/reality series, which Toronto-based Corus Entertainment picked up from WE in the US, aims to reel in fans of the ’80s cult dance-classic movie starring Patrick Swayze and the remakes that followed it. The net will launch the new series at the end of a weekend packed with dance-inspired movies: Dirty Dancing, Loves Music, Loves to Dance, Shall We Dance?, Dying to Dance and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

The eight-part series is hosted by J.Lo’s choreographer, Cris Judd. The first episode pairs 30 dance hopefuls (dubbed ‘Babys’ after the original film’s female star) with six professional dance instructors (‘Johnnys’ – Swayze’s movie moniker). Only 18 competitors will make it to the second episode.

The series concludes on Sunday, July 1, with the final six pairs, who must choreograph a new routine in five hours and perform for the judges. The winning pair gets crowned first-ever Dirty Dancing Champions and a professional dance contract.