There’s something about Thursday…
BBM/Nielsen Top 30 – April 2-8, 2007

In the first week of April, CTV won the 8 pm time slot every week night except Thursday. What can you put up against Survivor: Fiji - highlights from Desperate Housewives or a rerun of Grey's Anatomy?

Here are the national winners (for all persons 2+, all times ET) according to BBM/Nielsen – April 2-8, 2007.

Monday: CTV’s Dancing with the Stars danced to a bigger audience on this chart, attracting an AMA of 1.886 million viewers (up from 1.699 million on the previous week’s Top 30) from 8-9:45 pm. Global’s Prison Break, in the 8 pm slot, raked in 1.609 million (up from 1.272 million). The net earned the night’s third-highest audience with 24 at 9 pm, measuring 1.589 million (up from 1.579 million). CTV took back the reins at 10 pm with CSI: Miami, which got 1.521 million viewers (down from 1.674 million).

Tuesday: CTV’s American Idol, at 8 pm, won first place on the Top 30 with 2.923 million viewers (up from 2.665 million). The night’s second big winner was Global’s House, with 2.217 million viewers at 9 pm (up from 1.973 million). Against House, CTV’s Tuesday night airing of Dancing with the Stars took a back seat again with 1.503 million viewers (down from 1.574 million). At 10 pm, CTV recovered with Law & Order: SVU, which got 2.15 million (a big boost from the previous week’s 1.717 million).

Wednesday:: CTV’s American Idol, at 9 pm, won the night with 2.314 million viewers (up slightly from 2.305 million). The net also took 10 pm with CSI: New York‘s 1.637 million (down from 1.887 million), and 8 pm with Lost‘s 1.23 million (up from 1.089). Against Lost, Global’s Bones came close with 1.227 million (up from 1.193 million). Global’s 9 pm offering, Crossing Jordan, earned 1.045 million viewers on this chart (up from 950,000) against Idol.

Thursday: CTV’s CSI at 9 pm won the night with 2.52 million viewers (down from 3.081 million). Global’s Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? earned a 1.102 million average. Global’s Shark won at 10 pm with 1.236 million viewers (up from 1.09 million) against CTV’s Criminal Minds, which got 1.176 million (up from 1.078 million). At 8 pm, Global’s Survivor: Fiji won with 2.088 million viewers (down from 2.198 million).

CTV’s Thursday 8 pm offering, Desperate Housewives, did not make the national Top 30. It was a clip show highlight episode that was supposed to air the previous Sunday (April 1, the night of the JUNOs). CTV ran the Desperate Housewives highlights show instead of airing a Grey’s Anatomy repeat. On the previous week’s Top 30 chart, CTV won Thursday at 8 pm with CSI. Prior to that, Global won Thursday at 8 pm for a few weeks in a row with Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

Friday: CTV’s Law & Order at 10 pm lost some weight, but still won the night with 1.393 million (down from 1.448 million). Global’s Numb3rs earned 1.117 million (up from 961,000) against Law & Order. CTV’s Ghost Whisperer won 8 pm with 1.316 million viewers (up from 1.215 million) against Global’s second House airing of the week, which got 1.054 million. Close to Home on CTV won 9 pm with 1.116 million (up slightly from 1.063 million).

Saturday: Of course, the CBC owns Saturday with Hockey Night in Canada. Game One, airing at 7-10:03 pm, ranked #2 on this Top 30 and raked in a 2.829 million average (up from 1.527 million on the previous week’s chart). Game Two, airing at 10:03 pm-1 am, shrank to 989,000 (down from 1.014 million).

Sunday: Regular Sunday night winner Amazing Race on CTV, at 8 pm, raked in 1.692 million (up from 1.044 million on the previous chart, JUNOs night). The net’s Desperate Housewives at 9 pm took second with 1.568 million viewers. At 10 pm, CTV’s Criminal Minds measured 1.062 million viewers.

For lists of the top 30 TV shows nationally and by region for the week, according to BBM/Nielsen, please click the links below: