The Wednesday that forgot Global
BBM/Nielsen Top 30 – April 9-15, 2007

Global crept up on juggernaut CTV on Tuesday, won a few on Monday and Thursday, but disappeared from the world of Top 30 during Wednesday's prime time sked.

Here are the national winners (for all persons 2+, all times ET) according to BBM/Nielsen – April 9-15, 2007.

Monday: CTV’s CSI: Miami won the night with an average 2.256 million viewers in the 10 pm time slot (up from 1.521 million on the previous week’s chart). Global’s House put up a fight at 8 pm, attracting 1.489 million viewers, but it couldn’t take the time slot from CTV’s Dancing with the Stars, which got 1.667 million (down from 1.886 million). Global did, however, took 9 pm with 24‘s 1.635 million viewers (up from 1.589 million).

Tuesday: Global’s House crept up on the juggernaut’s numbers on this chart, attracting 2.836 million viewers (up from 2.217 million), taking second place on the Top 30, and winning the 9 pm time slot. CTV’s American Idol kept its crown as the 8 pm winner (and first place on the Top 30) with 2.89 million (down from 2.923 million). Dancing with the Stars at 9 pm attracted 1.464 million (down from 1.503 million), while Law & Order: SVU earned 1.387 million (down from 2.15 million) at 10 pm – making CTV the winner for those two slots.

Wednesday: American Idol won 9 pm for CTV with an average 2.463 million viewers (up from 2.314 million). The net won 10 pm with 2.113 million viewers watching CSI: New York (up from 1.637 million) and 8 pm with Lost‘s 1.154 million (down from 1.23 million). Good thing Canadians have TV listings, ’cause looking at this national chart, there ain’t a hint of Global’s prime time Wednesday.

Thursday: Now here’s an active prime time – three winners and three losers. At 8 pm, Global took the crown with 2.211 million viewers staying in touch with Survivor: Fiji (up from 2.088 million) against CTV’s Grey’s Anatomy, which got 1.113 million. The 9 pm time slot went to CTV’s CSI with a beefed up 2.825 million (up from 2.52 million), while Global’s Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? only got 894,000 (down from 1.102 million). CTV’s ER at 10 pm raked in 1.647 million and won that time slot, but Global’s Shark put up a good fight and earned 1.14 million (a slight fall from 1.236 million the previous week).

Friday: CTV won the only Top 30 spot for dramatic programming with Law & Order at 10. The show earned 1.236 million viewers (down from 1.393 million).

Saturday: CBC’s traditional Saturday night win with Hockey Night in Canada, starting at 7 pm, translated into a Wednesday to Sunday average on these charts. This week’s Top 30 puts the NHL Playoffs Round One at #21, earning an average of 1.168 million across those five nights.

Sunday: CTV ruled the night’s dramatic programming sked, starting with a 7 pm Cold Case lead-in to prime time that attracted 1.056 million viewers. Amazing Race at 8 pm got the night’s top numbers with 1.955 million viewers (up from 1.692 million). Desperate Housewives at 9 pm lost a little, but not much, of that audience as 1.945 million viewers stuck to CTV. CBC’s 9:30 pm airing of NHL Playoffs ranked third for the night, with 1.431 million viewers. And at 10 pm, Criminal Minds attracted another 1.211 million average for CTV.

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