Sponsor opps on offer for ideaCity 2007

For its eighth year, 50 members of the international influentsia will speak at the annual gathering of elite eggheads (MiC means that as a compliment).

‘Canada’s Premiere Meeting of the Minds’ – otherwise known as ideaCity 2007 – is offering brand exposure opps for the three-day radical idea fest in Toronto June 20-23.

The conference will be televised and broadcast on CHUM specialty stations Bravo, CP24 and BookTV. As part of the sponsorship package, some sponsors will also receive 30-second spots during the broadcast as well as print ads in select magazines like The Walrus and Maisonneuve. Sponsor signage will be visible throughout ideaCity’s many events.

Produced and presented by Moses Znaimer (co-founder and former prez of Citytv), the conference’s major sponsors include Panasonic, Steelcase, Roots and Apple. These companies, and any new backers, will treat attendees to nightly parties and prizes, contributions to gift bags and a selection of toys to titillate tech enthusiasts.

The eighth annual outing of ideaCity is expected to draw an eclectic group of about 500 ‘idea investors’ (to quote its website). They include ‘artists, adventurers, authors, designers, entertainers, scientists and technologists.’ ideaCity regulars are mostly business owners, senior managers and executives, with an almost even gender split (55% male, 45% female).

This year’s guest speakers include scientist/evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, author of nine books including bestseller The God Delusion.