Checkerspot mag seeks climate-friendly ad opps

The Canadian Wildlife Federation launched Checkerspot Magazine at Toronto's Green Living Show on Friday in a bid to provide usable content on climate change.

Checkerspot Magazine – named after a butterfly – explores lifestyle choices (food, shelter, transit and consumer products) that Canadians can make in order to live climate-friendly lives.

Launched by the CWF at Toronto’s Green Living Show on Friday, the 40-page inaugural edition consists of 100,000 copies. Distribution will be driven by getting users to sign up via, showcasing the pub at trade shows (starting with the Green Living Show) and inserts in select copies of the Globe and Mail and the National Post. The magazine will be published in the spring and fall.

Checkerspot‘s premiere issue is fully funded by the CWF, but XD of programs and communications Sandy Baumgartner tells MiC the organization is exploring sponsorship opps. She says the CWF is open to ‘unqiue climate-friendly marketing and advertising opportunities.’