Drive skids off the road early

Fox killed its underground car race series Drive after only four episodes. CTV is dumping it after three.

CTV is pulling Drive from its sked immediately and replacing it with Close to Home. The net had originally shelved Close to Home from the Friday 8 pm time slot to make room for the two-hour premiere of Drive on April 13. On the Canadian net, Drive averaged 442,000 viewers, while Close to Home‘s season-to-date has an average of 1.058 million. CTV aired a third episode on April 20 at 9 pm.

The drama followed a group of strangers who join a sinister cross-country competition called ‘The Race’ in pursuit of a $32 million grand prize, starring Kristin Lehman (Prison Break) and Nathan Fillion (Lost), alongside a list of other contestants.

In the US, Drive got a heavy promotional push during American Idol, but it wasn’t enough to keep the show alive. The show averaged six million viewers down south after four episodes. Fox is replacing Drive with House in the Monday 8 pm time slot.