AOL Canada sports new look, new sponsors

Now reaching more than 85% of online Canadians monthly with its ads, the network just signed Sea-Doo Watercraft and SportBoats as sponsors of its NHL playoffs site.

Sea-Doo Watercraft and SportBoats branding will be integrated across‘s NHL playoffs microsite this week. The sponsorship consists of logos and banners on the playoffs content, which went live earlier this month and couples content from CBC’s Scott Morrison and‘s Alan Adams with trivia games and news.

The deal comes after the network redesigned its portal to improve content navigation. And it’s now expanding its ad inventory and delivering more robust creative executions, such as enhanced ad skinning, increased ad size and prominence, and a focus on white labeling/co-branded portals such as the Toshiba page ( that went live one year ago. The re-design in the US earned some criticism south of the border for its similarities to Yahoo!‘s Super Bowl microsite (which hosted the Super Bowl ads) took in 400,000 page views in under a week’s time. The network says partnerships with the and the are helping to grow the AOL Canada Media Network into an online advertising force that reaches more than 85% of online Canadians monthly.