The week of ‘up slightly’
BBM/Nielsen Top 30 – April 30-May 6, 2007

It was a week with no major de-thronings, and for most shows, 'slightly' increased loyalty.

Here are the national winners (for all persons 2+, all times ET) according to BBM/Nielsen – April 30-May 6, 2007.

Monday: CTV’s CSI: Miami at 10 pm won the night with an average minute audience of 2.263 million viewers (up slightly from 2.244 million on the previous week’s national chart). The second highest numbers went to CBC’s NHL Playoffs, airing 9 pm to midnight, with 2.008 million watching. Dancing with the Stars on CTV from 8-9:30 pm won 1.688 million viewers (up slightly from 1.681 million). Global stayed on the Top 30 with 24 getting 1.254 million at 9 pm (up slightly from 1.229 million) and Heroes at 8 pm, which held the bottom spot with 929,000 viewers (up from 903,000).

Tuesday: American Idol on CTV won the 8 pm time slot with 2.66 million viewers (up slightly from 2.621 million). Global’s House at 9 pm raked in 2.558 million (up slightly from 2.527 million) against CTV’s Dancing with the Stars, which earned a consistent 1.643 million (up slightly from 1.612 million). At 10 pm, only CTV’s Law & Order: SVU made the chart with 1.254 million (no change).

Wednesday: CTV’s two-hour American Idol, from 8-10 pm, got the night’s highest numbers with 2.416 million (up slightly from 2.402 million), and CSI: New York took over from there, earning the net 1.885 million viewers (a slight gain from 1.88 million).

Thursday: CSI stole top spot again on the Top 30, winning 2.903 million viewers (up from 2.845 million) in the 9 pm time slot on CTV. No competition. Global’s Survivor: Fiji won 8 pm with 2.092 million (up slightly from 2.049 million) against CTV’s Grey’s Anatomy, which got 1.692 million (up slightly from 1.661 million). At 10 pm, CTV’s ER earned 1.71 million (a slight improvement from 1.703 million), beating Global’s Shark, which got 1.221 million (up a tad from 1.21 million).

Friday: CTV’s Law & Order won the night at 10 pm with 1.307 million viewers (a slight increase from 1.295 million) against Global’s only Friday night fare, Numb3rs, which got 953,000 (up slightly from 952,000). At 8 pm, CTV’s Ghost Whisperer had 1.256 million viewers (up a whisper from 1.245 million). At 9 pm, the net’s Close to Home earned 971,000 (up slightly from 935,000).

Saturday: Round two of the CBC’s NHL Playoffs faced off Wednesday and continued every night through Sunday, earning an average of 1.601 million viewers. You wanna know what else was on Saturday? Check your local listings – ’cause there’s nothin’ here. One more thing… That NHL average is up slightly from 1.6 million.

Sunday: CTV’s Desperate Housewives won the night with 2.087 million viewers at 9 pm (up slightly from 2.059 million). The net’s Amazing Race at 8 pm raked in 2.026 million (up from 1.974 million). Global earned 1.147 million for Family Guy at 9 pm (up a bit from 1.144 million), 1.017 million for Simpsons at 8 pm (up a smidgeon from 1.011 million) and 1.098 million for Simpsons at 8:30 pm (up slightly from 1.045 million). CTV’s Cold Case at 7 pm earned 1.021 million (up from 1.014 million), while the net’s Criminal Minds at 10 pm got 978,000 (which stayed slightly the same).

For lists of the top 30 TV shows nationally and by region for the week, according to BBM/Nielsen, please slightly click the links below: