How do (media buy) gardens grow? – Nielsen Media Research Spend Trend

TV grabs the green.

Spring gardening frenzy is sweeping the country. Marketers looking to harvest a strong bottom line are putting ad dollars into visual media, with TV getting more than 63% of the dollars, with dailies and magazines following in distant second and third spots.

Although garden and patio furniture, landscaping and tree care services, tools, equipment, and accessories are also included in this category, fertilizer brands and garden centres are the biggest spenders.

Total National Media Spend – Q2 – Gardening

  Q2 2003 Q2 2004 Q2 2005 Q2 2006
Total $9,711,651 11,984,717 10,810,039 11,482,691

National Q2 2006 Total Spend by Medium


Dailies $1,889,112 (16.5%)
Magazines: $1,227,857 (10.7%)
Out of Home: $254,165 (2.2%)
Radio: $848,638 (7.4%)
Total TV: $7,262,919 (63.3%)

National Q2 2006 – Top 5 Spenders – Gardening
1) The Scotts Company – Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Fertilizer – (Fertilizer: garden)
2) The Scotts Company – Scotts Pure Premium Grass Seed – (Garden centres: nurseries, seed, sod, plants)
3) The Scotts Company – Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Soil – (Plants & plant care, soil, artificial plants)
4) George Weston Limited – President’s Choice Gigantico Annuals Flowers – (Garden centres: nurseries, seed, sod, plants)
5) Spectrum Brands Inc. – CIL Golfgreen Lawn Food Fertilizer – (Fertilizer: garden)

The preceding data is from the Nielsen Media Research, AdExpenditures. For more information, please contact Anita Boyle Evans,