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House tops the chart
BBM/Nielsen Top 30 – May 28-June 3, 2007

The Stanley Cup shook up the Top 30 this week, but Dr. House ruled Canadian TV heading into the first week of June.

Hockey shook up this Top 30 chart, and news shows took several spots. The Stanley Cup Finals on CBC took second place, attracting an average minute audience of 2.526 million viewers for the 8-11 pm time slots on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The CTV Evening News (#3) at 6 pm (Monday-Friday) averaged 1.191 million viewers and 610,000 on the weekend (Sat-Sun), while the CTV National News (#21) at 11 pm news (Monday-Sunday) averaged 693,000. Global’s National (#14) at 5:30 pm averaged 756,000, while News Hour (#22) at 6 pm averaged 681,000. CBC’s National News (#26) at 10 pm (Monday-Friday) averaged 658,000 viewers. Outside of news offerings, CTV’s Jeopardy/Access Hollywood (#8) at 7:30 pm (Monday-Friday) averaged 943,000, while Dr. Phil (#27) at 5 pm (Mon-Fri) earned a 652,000 average. Global’s The Young & the Restless (#24) at 4:30 pm (Mon-Fri) averaged 672,000.

Hockey, news and Dr. Phil aside, here are the national winners (for all persons 2+, all times ET) according to BBM/Nielsen for May 28-June 3, 2007.

Monday: CSI: Miami was the only regular drama to hit the Top 30 on the first night of the week, attracting an average minute audience of 944,000 viewers to the 10 pm time slot (down from 1.545 million on the previous week’s chart).

Tuesday: Global’s House was the net’s only show to make the top ten, but it took the #1 spot. The show raked in 2.642 million viewers (up from 1.07 million) in the 9 pm time slot. CTV’s 9 pm offering, Criminal Minds, couldn’t even come close, measuring 704,000 viewers.

Wednesday: CTV’s So You Think You Can Dance? stole the night with 1.127 million viewers in the 8-10 pm time slot. The net’s Traveler at 10 pm won that time slot with 803,000 viewers. No competition from Global’s primetime drama on this week’s chart.

Thursday: CTV’s So You Think You Can Dance? at 9 pm won the night with 1.077 million viewers (down from 1.372 million), while the net’s 8 pm offering, Pirate Master, took that time slot with 1.044 million. CSI at 10 pm delivered the final win to CTV with 901,000 viewers (down from 1.215 million). Against Pirate Master, Global’s Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? earned 801,000 viewers, while Shark measured 731,000 (down from 771,000) against CTV’s dancers.

Friday: Global’s Numb3rs at 10 pm won the night with 719,000 viewers against CTV’s Law & Order, which got 673,000 (down from 899,000).

Saturday: No scripted drama here!

Sunday: CTV’s Cold Case won the night with 941,000 viewers (down from 1.042 million) in the 9 pm time slot against Global’s Family Guy, which took the last place on the Top 30 with 581,000 viewers (down from 752,000). CBC’s Sunday night movie earned the night’s second-highest numbers with 865,000 viewers watching 8-10 pm. Morning programming took a stab at the Top 30 when Coronation Street on CBC earned 727,000 viewers at 9:30 am and 642,000 at 9 am. Global’s The Simpsons won the 8 pm time slot with 704,000. CTV’s Law & Order: SVU won the 10 pm time slot with 703,000 viewers (down from 823,000) against Global’s Without a Trace, which got 670,000 (down from 765,000).

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