Virgin Mobile putting freezies on wheels

Freebies will direct summer event consumers to sign up for prepaid wireless packages and chances to win prizes.

A fleet of cycle-powered ice cream carts with Virgin Mobile branding will make the rounds at outdoor events in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver this summer, handing out free freezies and flip-flops to heat-challenged customers.

The promotion, organized by Toronto’s Segal Communications, will also direct people to go to to take advantage of special offers and enter a contest for prices including VIP tickets to the Virgin Festival in Toronto in September.

Toronto agency zig has also come up with new radio, TV, cinema, print and online ads that seek to capitalize on Virgin Mobile netting the highest customer satisfaction scores for prepaid wireless (according to J.D. Power & Associates) by convincing users of competing services to switch.

The campaign will launch at Toronto’s Pride Parade on June 24 and continue at concerts, beach volleyball games and various festivals all summer, then head to college campuses for the fall. Media planning is being done by Wills and Co.