AOL adds branding opps to Winamp

Millions of Canadians use the Winamp media player. Now AOL is giving marketers new ways to reach them.

AOL Canada is offering marketers branding opps via the Winamp Media Player, which millions of Canadians use to access music, videos and Internet radio. New marketing opps include customized players wrapped in branded skins that communicate product messages (video, sound, chat), as well as contextually relevant ads that pop up during downloads.

The Winamp media player is now installed on 10% of desktop computers worldwide. reaches about 1.7 million Canadian users per month, according to comScore Media Metrix’s April stats.

Winamp’s site was redesigned this month and now includes an online community that lets users create playlists, rate skins and plug-ins or create their own submissions. The AOL Media Network reaches about 20 million unique visitors in Canada per month, according to April numbers.