Canadians now using net searches for 98% of online buying

Google Canada says we're on the net almost 40% of our spare time, Monday to Friday.

All but 2% of Canadians are now searching the Internet to purchase products and services, according to a new report from Google Canada and research partner Media-Screen. These searches are part of the nearly five hours a day we spend on the Internet from Monday to Friday.

The research also shows that the average Canadian broadband consumer is slightly younger than their US counterpart, with those aged 18-24 making up 15% of the broadband user population, compared to 9% of the same grouping in the US broadband demographic. Internet use in Canada differs from that in the US. Canadian broadband users are less likely than those in the US to spend their spare time online (39% vs. 47%).

The 1,002 adults (18 or older) who were surveyed online were required to have researched or purchased a product or service online, and to have broadband connection.