Smarties staking its colours on CGC

Not only are consumers being invited to redesign packaging for the popular candies, but the box is going colourless until somebody comes up with a winning re-do.

In a first for its popular Smarties candies, yesterday Nestlé Canada announced a nationwide online package-redesign contest.

Until December 12, consumers are being invited to enter the Gimme Colour contest and – using specially created online design tools – revamp the 50-gram Smarties box. Ten winners will be named in February and actually have their creations featured on Smarties boxes in Canada.

And here’s the kicker: for a limited time, all 50-gram Smarties boxes sold in Canada will be virtually colourless. Inside each one will be a unique PIN code for entering the contest. And just to, uh, sweeten the offer, one iPod Shuffle will be awarded randomly each day of the contest’s 150-day run.

‘We want to give Canadians the opportunity to express their true selves, so we’re inviting them to think outside the Smarties box (and possibly) see their design on thousands of Smarties boxes nationwide,’ says Nestlé Canada marketing manager Paul Hodges.