Bravo makes a date with Kombat Opera

Top shows parodied as musicals are a natural next step for the guy behind Jerry Springer - The Opera.

Bravo is putting its BBC import Kombat Opera Presents in the Saturday 10 pm ET/PT time slot with a premiere date of September 8. The five-ep half-hour series comes from Richard Thomas, the creator of the award-winning musical Jerry Springer – The Opera.

The show features an ensemble cast from London’s West End theatre district. Each ep recreates the look of a TV series but gives it a raunchy, provocative twist. Shows parodied in the Brit comedy include The Apprentice (pictured in the episode ‘The Applicant’), Wife Swap, the BBC’s political debate show Question Time, Panorama and The South Bank Show.

Kombat Opera Presents (click here for the BBC’s microsite for the series) aired in the UK earlier this year.

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