Canoe launches video voting for Ontario election

It's not quite as direct as YouTube's presidential election debates down south, but Quebecor is injecting UGC into its provincial election coverage.

Quebecor Media plans to simultaneously engage Ontarians and tie user-generated content into SUN TV’s coverage of the upcoming Ontario election.

The multiplatform Video Vote will invite voters to submit questions for the parties running in the October 10 provincial election. Citizens can upload one-minute videos at, or submit questions through the Sun Media chain and its recently acquired Osprey publications. SUN TV will select questions and convey them to party leaders and candidates when they appear on CanoeLive during the campaign. The leaders’ responses will be viewable daily until election day.

SUN TV manager of in-house productions Paul Schmidt says the net is ‘all about interactivity. We already present questions and polls from on a daily basis, so asking our viewers to hold the leaders accountable by uploading their video questions is the logical next step.’