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Neo Advertising adds 300 digital screens

And in November, there will be an additional 500 in its food court network.

The Montreal office of Swiss-HQ’d Neo Advertising announced the roll-out of 300 new digital screens in its 77-shopping-centre network across Canada yesterday. The 46-inch, LCD-HD screens are displayed in side-by-side pairs in food courts. On one is continuously updated news, sports, weather and features on, for example, health issues. On the other is a 15-minute loop of ads.

In late November, 500 more screens will be installed to serve the estimated 14 million Canadians who patronize mall food courts annually. And early next year, Neo plans to invest $10 million in a new advertising product called Shopping Centre Live. The new-style screens will be installed not only in food courts, but also in the common areas of shopping centres.