And now. . . grocery rage?

DDB got goofy in TV spots for a BC-based grocery chain - while seriously revamping its signage and flyer strategies.

The dire consequences – including jail time – of enraging experiences at other supermarkets is the theme of DDB Vancouver’s new TV spots for MarketPlace IGA. Part of the first major campaign the Burnaby, BC-based grocery chain has undertaken, the commercials serve up the grocer’s new tagline: ‘We make it easier for you.’ With media buys by OMD Vancouver, the spots will run on major TV networks in BC throughout the fall.

To enhance brand messaging and make the store experience more friendly, DDB’s Karacters Design Group developed a complete overhaul of the store’s POS signage, and redesigned the grocery chain’s weekly flyer. Meanwhile, Tribal DDB revamped the website, tying in the new look and feel developed by Karacters. The store signage and collateral now includes the new tagline and the grocery rage theme, including checkout conveyer-belt dividers reading: ‘Use this to avoid: my-groceries-got-mixed-up-with-yours-rage.’ As well, staff uniforms sport the message: ‘Avoid: I-can’t-find-what-I’m-looking-for-rage. Ask me a question.’