A world without milk?

In an evocative campaign created by Taxi Montreal, Canada's dairy farmers are getting tough about not being taken for granted.

Imagining what daily life would be like without the products produced by members of the Dairy Farmers of Canada is the strikingly effective theme of Taxi Montreal’s first broadcast campaign for the organization.

Built around ‘what if’ scenarios, the image initiative consists of a 30-second television spot and a 60-second cinema commercial. Both depict situations such as a despondent child trying to eat cereal without milk. The spots build a powerful argument for not taking dairy farmers for granted, which is punched with the tagline: ‘Canadian Dairy: Here for Good.’

The 30-second spot broke in English Canada in mid-September and will run until October 28. The 60-second piece launches in late October and will be shown in 570 theatres, also throughout English Canada, during November. Toronto’s M2 Universal handled the media strategy and buys.

Asked if the campaign will be supported with a PR push, a Taxi Montreal spokesperson quips that this initiative doesn’t exactly lend itself to sampling events. ‘Refusing to let people have milk or cheese wouldn’t really work, would it?’