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IAB Canada hires research director

Steve Rosenblum is getting ready to take the reins of IAB Canada's cross-media optimization research.

Steve Rosenblum is the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada’s new research director. Rosenblum was most recently employed at PHD Canada, where he worked for 17 years directing the agency’s media analytics/research operation. Prior to his work with PHD, Rosenblum was VP media director at Young & Rubicam Toronto (now MediaEdge), and also served as VP national media manager for MacLaren Advertising (now M2 Universal).

IAB Canada president Paula Gignac says taking IAB Canada’s cross-media optimization (CMOST) research to the next level will be one of Rosenblum’s top priorities.

Rosenblum called CMOST ‘the most significant multimedia effectiveness research being conducted in Canada today… What I hope to bring to the organization is a deeper understanding of the challenges advertisers and agencies face when trying to determine appropriate media-planning/allocation strategies. It’s my firm belief that interactive is increasingly crucial to creating successful advertiser campaigns, and in driving greater ROI.’