Global hoping for broad appeal with ‘da Kink

The net is confident the promotional muscle it put behind 'da Kink in my Hair, plus having The Simpsons as a lead-in, will pay off in high ratings.

Global Television VP of original programming Christine Shipton says she’s ‘thrilled’ with the time slot for ‘da Kink in my Hair, which premiered on Sunday at 7:30 pm, and believes that the strategy of rolling out the homegrown comedy at this time of year will give it a greater chance of reaching more viewers.

‘In the fall, we have an opportunity to promote (Kink) through other big shows, like House and Survivor,’ Shipton explains, adding that the net chose to launch the 13 x 30 comedy on Oct. 14, even though it was ready earlier. ‘We wanted to give Canadian audiences time to sift through all the new American stuff… to give them a chance to relax into their rhythms. There’s no point in trying to launch anything in the middle of [the September] bombardment.’

Based on the award-winning play by Trey Anthony (pictured), who also stars and exec produces, Kink is set in a beauty salon in Toronto’s Caribbean community, owned by the vivacious Novelette (Ordena Stephens-Thompson), who is joined by her wacky sister Joy (Anthony) and a quirky family of stylists.

Shipton believes the show will play especially well to women 25-54, and insists it’s not targeted at black audiences specifically. ‘It has broad, universal appeal in that it’s about female experiences in a hair salon. If you look deeper into the show, there’s a huge element of diversity. It’s not just about the Jamaican community – it also features a black woman who was raised in a white community and a young boy trying to fit in as an outsider.’

Pre-premiere promotion for Kink included a massive off-air campaign – in addition to TV spots and star appearances on ET Canada – with posters in bus shelters and shopping malls such as Toronto’s Eaton Centre, while the grassroots campaign focused on special screenings for the hairdressing community and clips on YouTube.

Kink will also feature special guest stars throughout the season, including Canuck R&B artists Keshia Chanté, Jully Black and Jarvis Church. But the show faces competition from another new domestic drama, CBC’s Heartland, which premiered opposite Kink.

From Playback Daily