Yes and no on VOD: CRTC

The regulator has given Rogers a green light to charge fees for TV series it offers on VOD, but not to insert new ads.

On Wednesday, the CRTC denied Rogers Communications’ request to be allowed to insert ads into TV series it offers video-on-demand customers. The ruling will be reconsidered at regulatory hearings skedded for next February.

For now, the only green light Rogers won was for the same arrangement the CRTC recently okayed for Shaw Communications. That is, Rogers may charge fees for TV series it offers on VOD the same way it already does for movies.

Until now, Rogers has offered free VOD for only a few series, including Pushing Daisies, The Hills and Mad Men. Logic suggests that the lineup will be expanded now that a new revenue stream is viable. No comment from Rogers was available by MiC‘s press deadline.

The CRTC ruling read in part: ‘The Commission is satisfied that allowing VOD services to charge a subscriber fee for a program that contains commercial messages that were already included in a previous broadcast. . . is appropriate in light of the fully discretionary nature of VOD.’